I just added chevron and polka dot glitter papers in fall colors to TPT.

These took me waaayyyy longer then they should have.  I made quite a few rookie mistakes, like not performing quality control after making each paper, and I wound up having to go back and making a lot of the papers over again.  I’ve done this before, so one might think that I would have learned by now, but of course not.

But they are done now!  There are 102 papers in all.


$3.50 on TPT

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  How fast do they go??


Two of my students are working on multiplication facts.  I give them three to four facts at a time, and we go over them until they are mastered.  We skip over multiplying by 0 and 1, as they understand those properties. This is working well for them so far, but I’m running out of activities since so much is mixed practice!  I put together this file folder game pack.  It has 12 sets, one for each times table 1-12.


$2 on TPT

Now I really need to get myself to bed- I have a new student tomorrow and that means more to get done in the morning!

Have a great week!


I survived my first back to school night.

I’m not sure how I did it.

When I was an aide, I loved meeting the parents.  I still do, I just don’t like talking in front of a group.  Luckily, only two sets of parents came, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

These were my opening lines: “After I found out I got this teaching job, I was excited for about five seconds.  Then I realized I would have to do back to school night.  Whatever happens tonight, I promise I am much better at teaching your children than I am at talking to you.”

Thankfully, they laughed, and that helped.  I didn’t stumble on any words, which was a huge surprise, as I constantly trip over my words, and I didn’t turn bright red, which was another huge surprise.

I have been working sixteen hours a day nonstop.  This is the only thing I have made for TPT since whenever I posted the self-monitoring behavior board.

Speaking of the board, it is helping one student, but not the other.  When student A gets to yellow, he can take it back to green.  Student B repeats, “I don’t want to be on red.  Red is bad.  I don’t want to be on red.  Red is bad.”  Over and over.  I never said red was bad, just that it would mean they had to take a break and calm down.  But, I can definitely see his line of thinking!  I stopped that with him.  Time for something new!

Anyway, here is my new product.  I made it for my students who need to work on one-to-one correspondence and counting.  There are ten mats, and you can use any manipulatives you have sitting around for it.


$1 on TPT

Have a wonderful week!

I always heard being a first year teacher was incredibly stressful.  I didn’t realize how early the stress would start!  I have back to school anxiety, back to school night anxiety (it’s not for another two and a half weeks), and getting everything done anxiety.  My nerves are already shot, and I haven’t even begun teaching yet!  I can’t sleep, and if I do, I wake up constantly with more ideas of things to make or things to do.  I’m hoping that this will improve once the year starts.  For some reason, I’m not so sure about that!

Everything I need for the first week is complete, but I still have so many things to cut and materials to prepare.  I think it’s one of those things where you will never feel completely prepared.  That’s what all the veteran teachers are assuring me.  Actually, that’s both reassuring and terrifying!

It’s not just for my own sanity, but mostly for the students.  I want to do everything I can for them!

It’s also probably a problem that I want to make everything myself.  It might be different if my class dynamics were different, but I have students who are on a pre-K level on up to third grade, so there are vast differences, and I want to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

I just posted a free worksheet for your students to write their goals and how they will achieve them.  I’m going to use them on the second day and have them on the students’ desks on back to school night.

Anyway, before I go on forever, here’s a link to the freebie!

scs student goals preview

Free on TPT

Happy Labor Day weekend!






I have been busy.

Extremely busy.

I am very excited about teaching/having a classroom, but there is so much work.  I know I’ll get it all done, but it’s daunting.

The teacher whose classroom I inherited retired and left everything behind. I kept some things, but she was there for a long time and had a lot of stuff, so cleaning everything out of the cabinets and file cabinets took about two full days.  I really wanted a fresh start, and I wanted to start my own organizational system.

It’s funny, my house and car are disaster zones, but when it comes to work, I’m a huge perfectionist.  I want everything just so, and I’m incredibly organized.  And I wanted everything in my classroom to match.  I tried that in my own house, but, well…it didn’t quite work out.

Here are some before and after pictures.  I didn’t realize how bad they look until I got them on the computer, but so it is.  It’s not work, so I’m not worried! 😀



I used clothespins and twine to hang the welcome bunting and washi tape to make the calendar.  That took a while.


I think storage bins are quite expensive for what they are, but I really wanted everything to match.  I saw the striped and gray baskets at Target, and they were perfect, so I spent the money.  Once again, wouldn’t do that for myself unless I got a great deal!

I put the classroom decor set that I used and some extra stuff in a bundle on TPT. It took forever.  Story of my life!

serenity decor preview 2

This is $5 on TPT and has a ton of stuff!


$1.50 on TPT

As the title says, there are 10 papers in this pack.  They are colored newspapers with a wrinkled paper texture and grungy overlay.  I love the grunge look, and although it’ not necessarily popular on TPT, I enjoy making it, and my grungy watercolor papers are doing well.  At least the free ones are.  😉  I get it, I’m a broke teacher (teacher in two weeks, anyway), too!

PowerPoint Presentation

$2 on TPT

I made these journal prompt cards and a little journal jar to go with them.  Looking at the journal jar reminded me that I never finished the quarter page labels to go with my decor set.  There are plenty of other labels, but ugh.  I made 12 out of 22, so keep scrolling, and you’ll find a link to Dropbox.  Blog freebie!  Woo-hoo!


quarter page labels

Free on Drobbox

It’s a PowerPoint document, so you can edit them in PowerPoint (surprise!), Google Slides, or OpenOffice Impress.

Now that that’s out of the way, more TPT stuff.


$1 on TPT

This is part of the decor bundle, but it’s also available as an individual product.  It’s also a clearer image of what’s in the bundle!

snip preview

Finally, we have the bright watercolor/spray paint papers. They’re $2 on TPT.

I have such a long list of things to do tomorrow- lots of stuff to cut out, lesson plan templates to make, individual work folders, and differentiated journal writing papers to go with the journal jar tags.  That is taking a while (there will be over 120 pages), and I have to keep reminding myself that they aren’t going to get through 40 journal prompts in the first week of school!  Or any time soon.  There are about a million other things, but I won’t bore anyone (not that anyone is reading this, so my future self- I still feel weird writing to myself, but I do like looking back) by going on any more.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Finally Opened My Store!

I have been working on getting items ready for my TPT store for months now and just finished adding four products.  I am now in need of another four day weekend to recover from this one!



14 papers, all 3600 x 3600 pixels at 300 dpi, four tags, and two page borders for 8.5 x 11″ paper (images are linked to my TPT store)


68 bright chevrons- they remind me of summer!  I personally like how all the papers on the bottom look the same.  They aren’t that identical when I look at the files on my computer!  That is the 68 paper bundle ($4).  I also have the individual packs for sale.

Here they are:


White= not a color for my purposes.  There seems to be a debate on its colorness (new word) anyway.

One color, eight papers- $1


Two colors, 16 papers, $1.50


Three colors, 22 papers, $2


Four and five colors, 22 papers, $2


65 thinner chevrons- these are essentially the same as the other pack, but with thinner chevrons.  I only have the bundle for this one, at least for now.  This one is $4.

Can you tell I LOVE these colors?

And finally, my Fourth of July bundle ($4).  This took forever to put together, as you can imagine.  I learned a few things along the way, so hopefully next time won’t be as time-consuming.  Knowing me, the opposite will happen.


I hope you are having an awesome weekend!