A lot has gone on in my classroom in the past two weeks!

We went on a field trip to the zoo, and it was an amazing experience!  First of all, we didn’t lose any kids, which is my biggest fear, so it’s automatically a successful trip.  Second, all of the kids and adults had a fantastic time.

Our science unit is on land animals (although I was kind enough to let them see water animals 😉 ), so I chose the zoo for that reason.  When we arrived, the penguin exhibit was our first stop.  The penguins were just leaving the water when we got there, and they were all shaking off, which was adorable!  After a few minutes of watching them, I told the students it was question time and asked them if penguins were mammals, birds, or reptiles.  One boy yelled out, “They’re all mammals!” very excitedly.  It was great.

The favorites by far were the monkeys, who were eating and throwing out the leftovers into a bag; the giraffes; and a stingray touch tank.  One student really wanted to go to the touch tank, and he asked about it continually.  We went there right before leaving the zoo, and he wouldn’t touch the stingrays, which amused me!  He loved when they splashed him, though, and he was happy that they got his clothes wet.

We also received a new student a week before going to the zoo, and, of course, going on a trip with a student you don’t know very well is anxiety-provoking, but she handled it well.  However, the class sizes were uneven, and I had twice as many students as another teacher, so they decided to move one of my boys down the hall.  It will be better for him in that class for a few reasons, but I do miss him and made him promise to come and visit us!

I haven’t been making much for the classroom, instead using resources I find on the interwebs.  The most time-consuming part (or at least it feels that way) of creating resources is keeping track of whose products I’ve used and making the credit pages.  Plus, I don’t want to put incomplete units up, and it feels wrong to charge for a product that’s only a page or two, even if some of them take more time to make than some of my ten page products!  It’s a mental thing.

So, since I have that guilt, here are two free worksheets for students to record their observations after going on a fall nature walk.  We are going to take one on Monday.  First, we will go outside and read a short book called Fall by Gail Saunders-Smith.  After we’ve read the book, we’ll walk around the grounds and use four of the five senses (saving taste for Tuesday while we’re in the building!).  We’ll talk about the changes that happen in fall and how animals prepare for the winter.  Our Monday mornings are rather long, and this should be a nice way to break it up a bit!



Fall Nature Walk Observation Worksheets, Free on TPT