I’m starting to prepare for September.  I will be teaching in an ABA classroom, which is new to me.  I’m definitely nervous about it since I have no experience.  It will be a new adventure, and I’m trying to read and do as much as possible to make sure that I am ready.

I made a morning sheet for my students to get started on once they’re unpacked.  We will have morning meeting and review the weather and calendar.  I found these adorable calendars that I made for each student (lots of laminating and Velcro…at least I only have three students!).  I’m excited about them!

My morning sheet is simple but gets the job done!

Free on TPT

Hope your summer or new school year is going well!


It’s really been a while!  I got a new computer a while back and couldn’t get into this account.  I definitely had the right password- it even told me I couldn’t use it when I tried setting it as my new one since I had already used it- but oh well!  Anyway, for those of you teaching summer school or for parents who work with your children over the summer, here you go!

I teach summer school.  When I was in college, I stayed home with my son during the summer.  I would plan all sorts of activities for us and make little lesson plans for what we would do.  We never did them.  So good for you for the parents who actually follow through!  I still haven’t learned how to do that at home!  🙂

summer count and clip cards preview

Free on TPT!

I love how backgrounds with writing look, so I wanted to include that when I made the banner for this site.  I just couldn’t think of what to write.  A rare idea popped into my head, and I decided to put quotes from students.  Luckily, I had some written down from a while back, and they provided me with fun memories and a background.

As you all know, working with children gives you enough material that by the end of the year (month…week…day…), you can host a comedy special, thanks to those little gems.  The problem is remembering them.  I had every intention of writing down my students’ funny moments.  Thinking about them always puts a smile on my face,  But, as with my son’s baby book, these things fall by the wayside when other to-do list items take priority.

My next idea (I’m out for the next six months now.  At least.) is to use this as a recording space, at least for quotes and general stories.  Nothing too detailed, of course, out of respect for my students’ privacy.

This will last a month.  Maybe.  Then I’ll pick back up in a year, and the cycle will go on.

So here goes.

Brief background first: I’m in a special ed school, I get to work with all the students in the school.

Two weeks ago was a rough week for compliments for me.  I was finishing my breakfast of champions, a Hershey bar, when a student walked in and told me I should probably visit the gym after school.  Later that day, another student told me I should get my nails done because then I’d be prettier.

It didn’t end.  The next day, a girl came up to me, patted my stomach, and asked how the baby was doing.  I told her there was no baby.  She patted my stomach again and replied, “Yes there is!”

Last week was better.  A boy told me that he was sad he wouldn’t see me the next day because I’m “such a cute egg.”

I was wearing a brown, fake leather jacket the other day.  A girl informed me that I am just like a celebrity, just like Pink.  See, I’ve always known that I am quite celebritylike, and I was very happy that someone finally recognized this.  I will keep wearing my worn and torn fake leather (not that I want real leather, not my thing) jacket until everyone else starts realizing this.

That was a nice turnaround.

Anyway, I have been a busy bee tonight.  I worked on about ten different projects, but I did finish one, so I guess I can consider that progress. I did add two freebies to the store, so that was a good thing.

One I didn’t make a cover for.  I had number do-a-dot pages hanging out in a folder, so I figured I would post them for free.

I was also playing around with doodling on the computer and made some stars, and those are free as well.  Convincing myself that I need a drawing tablet.  Argh.


Star Doodles (free)

Definitely want a drawing tablet.  🙂

Finally Opened My Store!

I have been working on getting items ready for my TPT store for months now and just finished adding four products.  I am now in need of another four day weekend to recover from this one!



14 papers, all 3600 x 3600 pixels at 300 dpi, four tags, and two page borders for 8.5 x 11″ paper (images are linked to my TPT store)


68 bright chevrons- they remind me of summer!  I personally like how all the papers on the bottom look the same.  They aren’t that identical when I look at the files on my computer!  That is the 68 paper bundle ($4).  I also have the individual packs for sale.

Here they are:


White= not a color for my purposes.  There seems to be a debate on its colorness (new word) anyway.

One color, eight papers- $1


Two colors, 16 papers, $1.50


Three colors, 22 papers, $2


Four and five colors, 22 papers, $2


65 thinner chevrons- these are essentially the same as the other pack, but with thinner chevrons.  I only have the bundle for this one, at least for now.  This one is $4.

Can you tell I LOVE these colors?

And finally, my Fourth of July bundle ($4).  This took forever to put together, as you can imagine.  I learned a few things along the way, so hopefully next time won’t be as time-consuming.  Knowing me, the opposite will happen.


I hope you are having an awesome weekend!