I survived my first back to school night.

I’m not sure how I did it.

When I was an aide, I loved meeting the parents.  I still do, I just don’t like talking in front of a group.  Luckily, only two sets of parents came, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

These were my opening lines: “After I found out I got this teaching job, I was excited for about five seconds.  Then I realized I would have to do back to school night.  Whatever happens tonight, I promise I am much better at teaching your children than I am at talking to you.”

Thankfully, they laughed, and that helped.  I didn’t stumble on any words, which was a huge surprise, as I constantly trip over my words, and I didn’t turn bright red, which was another huge surprise.

I have been working sixteen hours a day nonstop.  This is the only thing I have made for TPT since whenever I posted the self-monitoring behavior board.

Speaking of the board, it is helping one student, but not the other.  When student A gets to yellow, he can take it back to green.  Student B repeats, “I don’t want to be on red.  Red is bad.  I don’t want to be on red.  Red is bad.”  Over and over.  I never said red was bad, just that it would mean they had to take a break and calm down.  But, I can definitely see his line of thinking!  I stopped that with him.  Time for something new!

Anyway, here is my new product.  I made it for my students who need to work on one-to-one correspondence and counting.  There are ten mats, and you can use any manipulatives you have sitting around for it.


$1 on TPT

Have a wonderful week!