I have been busy.

Extremely busy.

I am very excited about teaching/having a classroom, but there is so much work.  I know I’ll get it all done, but it’s daunting.

The teacher whose classroom I inherited retired and left everything behind. I kept some things, but she was there for a long time and had a lot of stuff, so cleaning everything out of the cabinets and file cabinets took about two full days.  I really wanted a fresh start, and I wanted to start my own organizational system.

It’s funny, my house and car are disaster zones, but when it comes to work, I’m a huge perfectionist.  I want everything just so, and I’m incredibly organized.  And I wanted everything in my classroom to match.  I tried that in my own house, but, well…it didn’t quite work out.

Here are some before and after pictures.  I didn’t realize how bad they look until I got them on the computer, but so it is.  It’s not work, so I’m not worried! 😀



I used clothespins and twine to hang the welcome bunting and washi tape to make the calendar.  That took a while.


I think storage bins are quite expensive for what they are, but I really wanted everything to match.  I saw the striped and gray baskets at Target, and they were perfect, so I spent the money.  Once again, wouldn’t do that for myself unless I got a great deal!

I put the classroom decor set that I used and some extra stuff in a bundle on TPT. It took forever.  Story of my life!

serenity decor preview 2

This is $5 on TPT and has a ton of stuff!


$1.50 on TPT

As the title says, there are 10 papers in this pack.  They are colored newspapers with a wrinkled paper texture and grungy overlay.  I love the grunge look, and although it’ not necessarily popular on TPT, I enjoy making it, and my grungy watercolor papers are doing well.  At least the free ones are.  😉  I get it, I’m a broke teacher (teacher in two weeks, anyway), too!

PowerPoint Presentation

$2 on TPT

I made these journal prompt cards and a little journal jar to go with them.  Looking at the journal jar reminded me that I never finished the quarter page labels to go with my decor set.  There are plenty of other labels, but ugh.  I made 12 out of 22, so keep scrolling, and you’ll find a link to Dropbox.  Blog freebie!  Woo-hoo!


quarter page labels

Free on Drobbox

It’s a PowerPoint document, so you can edit them in PowerPoint (surprise!), Google Slides, or OpenOffice Impress.

Now that that’s out of the way, more TPT stuff.


$1 on TPT

This is part of the decor bundle, but it’s also available as an individual product.  It’s also a clearer image of what’s in the bundle!

snip preview

Finally, we have the bright watercolor/spray paint papers. They’re $2 on TPT.

I have such a long list of things to do tomorrow- lots of stuff to cut out, lesson plan templates to make, individual work folders, and differentiated journal writing papers to go with the journal jar tags.  That is taking a while (there will be over 120 pages), and I have to keep reminding myself that they aren’t going to get through 40 journal prompts in the first week of school!  Or any time soon.  There are about a million other things, but I won’t bore anyone (not that anyone is reading this, so my future self- I still feel weird writing to myself, but I do like looking back) by going on any more.

Have a fantastic weekend!



I just added schedule cards that coordinate with the calendar set! They are a fun chalkboard style.


$1 on TPT

I also added a free peanut/nut free classroom sign (well, really one sign, three ways).


Free on TPT

I am finally making the move from aide to teacher!  I’ve been a classroom aide, long-term sub, and behavior support aide (if a student is having a behavior issue or needs a break, I take them until they are ready to return to class), and now, at last, I have a teaching job.  I’ll be working with 15-17 year old students with quite a varied range of needs.  This will mean lots of work going into differentiating, but I love creating and finding resources, and I’m so inspired again.  When it comes to work, I’m a major perfectionist, and the thought of setting up a classroom, basically from scratch, is daunting.  I have to remember that it will come together, but it might take some time, and I don’t have to have the whole year planned before school even starts!

I’ve added a few resources that I’m quite excited about, although it is all really time-consuming.  Once again, I have to remind myself to take it slow.  Not easy!

This is my calendar set that I’ll be using for my room.  I love the way it turned out!


$2 on TPT.  I added season cards to the preview, and I’m hoping to add a few more things to it when I have some time.

These are the papers I used and the color scheme for my classroom.  I wanted to use my bright colors, but I thought that might be a bit overwhelming.  So I chose these, which I think are really calming and beautiful!


12 digital papers, $1.50 on TPT.


$1 on TPT

And a freebie!

summer gradients preview

Free on TPT

Have a great weekend!