More bright colors…I should probably devote more time to winter colors.


36 bright frames and tags, $1 on TPT


Styled Letters

Some fun alphas to make your designs more fun or to use in your classroom!  There are 6 sets of upper and lowercase letters.


$2 on TPT

ESY starts in a few days for me!  I’m in the same classroom, although the class list was mixed up a bit.  There is only one student that I have not had before, and it is an interesting mix.  I’m excited to see how they interact!

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start, working or not!

Bright Days Digital Papers

I have a new paper pack, Bright Days, in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  There are 18 papers split into two packs.  The first has 10 patterned papers.  There are the obligatory polka dots and stripes (I skipped chevron this time!), spirals, triangles, and more.  Part two has textured solids and three more patterned papers.  I wasn’t sure if I liked two of the papers, which are modified versions of papers in the first set, but I thought someone might find a use for them.  The other one is more triangles!

Bright Days (18 papers, $2)


The third and fourth papers on top have larger patterns, but I wanted to fit more in the preview.  I think I regret that now, but I hate making previews.

brightbonuspreview  And the extras, included in the download.

They are for personal or commercial use, 300 dpi, PNG files, and 12″x12″.

It’s a bit early, but we’re practically there…happy Monday!

Finally Opened My Store!

I have been working on getting items ready for my TPT store for months now and just finished adding four products.  I am now in need of another four day weekend to recover from this one!



14 papers, all 3600 x 3600 pixels at 300 dpi, four tags, and two page borders for 8.5 x 11″ paper (images are linked to my TPT store)


68 bright chevrons- they remind me of summer!  I personally like how all the papers on the bottom look the same.  They aren’t that identical when I look at the files on my computer!  That is the 68 paper bundle ($4).  I also have the individual packs for sale.

Here they are:


White= not a color for my purposes.  There seems to be a debate on its colorness (new word) anyway.

One color, eight papers- $1


Two colors, 16 papers, $1.50


Three colors, 22 papers, $2


Four and five colors, 22 papers, $2


65 thinner chevrons- these are essentially the same as the other pack, but with thinner chevrons.  I only have the bundle for this one, at least for now.  This one is $4.

Can you tell I LOVE these colors?

And finally, my Fourth of July bundle ($4).  This took forever to put together, as you can imagine.  I learned a few things along the way, so hopefully next time won’t be as time-consuming.  Knowing me, the opposite will happen.


I hope you are having an awesome weekend!