Wow, I haven’t posted anything in a while!

I’ve made things for my classroom, but not enough to make a full set.  Either that, or compiling the document and making preview pages and credit pages just seems like more trouble than it’s worth at that moment.

I also spent a few hours making 40 bokeh papers…and then wound up not liking them.  I started new watercolor papers as well, but wasn’t thrilled about how they were turning out either.

I just posted a number sorting activity on TPT.  Students take dog bone numbers in different fonts and sort them on mats.  I’m using it for independent work and an introductory lesson for the number I am working on with a student.


$1 on TPT

It feels like the weekend is over already.  Yesterday was spent away from the house, and I don’t feel like I accomplished much today.  Tomorrow I have quite a bit of cleaning to do, and before I know it, Monday morning will be here!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that your break doesn’t feel over already.  🙂


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