I am finally making the move from aide to teacher!  I’ve been a classroom aide, long-term sub, and behavior support aide (if a student is having a behavior issue or needs a break, I take them until they are ready to return to class), and now, at last, I have a teaching job.  I’ll be working with 15-17 year old students with quite a varied range of needs.  This will mean lots of work going into differentiating, but I love creating and finding resources, and I’m so inspired again.  When it comes to work, I’m a major perfectionist, and the thought of setting up a classroom, basically from scratch, is daunting.  I have to remember that it will come together, but it might take some time, and I don’t have to have the whole year planned before school even starts!

I’ve added a few resources that I’m quite excited about, although it is all really time-consuming.  Once again, I have to remind myself to take it slow.  Not easy!

This is my calendar set that I’ll be using for my room.  I love the way it turned out!


$2 on TPT.  I added season cards to the preview, and I’m hoping to add a few more things to it when I have some time.

These are the papers I used and the color scheme for my classroom.  I wanted to use my bright colors, but I thought that might be a bit overwhelming.  So I chose these, which I think are really calming and beautiful!


12 digital papers, $1.50 on TPT.


$1 on TPT

And a freebie!

summer gradients preview

Free on TPT

Have a great weekend!


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