I love how backgrounds with writing look, so I wanted to include that when I made the banner for this site.  I just couldn’t think of what to write.  A rare idea popped into my head, and I decided to put quotes from students.  Luckily, I had some written down from a while back, and they provided me with fun memories and a background.

As you all know, working with children gives you enough material that by the end of the year (month…week…day…), you can host a comedy special, thanks to those little gems.  The problem is remembering them.  I had every intention of writing down my students’ funny moments.  Thinking about them always puts a smile on my face,  But, as with my son’s baby book, these things fall by the wayside when other to-do list items take priority.

My next idea (I’m out for the next six months now.  At least.) is to use this as a recording space, at least for quotes and general stories.  Nothing too detailed, of course, out of respect for my students’ privacy.

This will last a month.  Maybe.  Then I’ll pick back up in a year, and the cycle will go on.

So here goes.

Brief background first: I’m in a special ed school, I get to work with all the students in the school.

Two weeks ago was a rough week for compliments for me.  I was finishing my breakfast of champions, a Hershey bar, when a student walked in and told me I should probably visit the gym after school.  Later that day, another student told me I should get my nails done because then I’d be prettier.

It didn’t end.  The next day, a girl came up to me, patted my stomach, and asked how the baby was doing.  I told her there was no baby.  She patted my stomach again and replied, “Yes there is!”

Last week was better.  A boy told me that he was sad he wouldn’t see me the next day because I’m “such a cute egg.”

I was wearing a brown, fake leather jacket the other day.  A girl informed me that I am just like a celebrity, just like Pink.  See, I’ve always known that I am quite celebritylike, and I was very happy that someone finally recognized this.  I will keep wearing my worn and torn fake leather (not that I want real leather, not my thing) jacket until everyone else starts realizing this.

That was a nice turnaround.

Anyway, I have been a busy bee tonight.  I worked on about ten different projects, but I did finish one, so I guess I can consider that progress. I did add two freebies to the store, so that was a good thing.

One I didn’t make a cover for.  I had number do-a-dot pages hanging out in a folder, so I figured I would post them for free.

I was also playing around with doodling on the computer and made some stars, and those are free as well.  Convincing myself that I need a drawing tablet.  Argh.


Star Doodles (free)

Definitely want a drawing tablet.  🙂


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