Bright Days Digital Papers

I have a new paper pack, Bright Days, in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  There are 18 papers split into two packs.  The first has 10 patterned papers.  There are the obligatory polka dots and stripes (I skipped chevron this time!), spirals, triangles, and more.  Part two has textured solids and three more patterned papers.  I wasn’t sure if I liked two of the papers, which are modified versions of papers in the first set, but I thought someone might find a use for them.  The other one is more triangles!

Bright Days (18 papers, $2)


The third and fourth papers on top have larger patterns, but I wanted to fit more in the preview.  I think I regret that now, but I hate making previews.

brightbonuspreview  And the extras, included in the download.

They are for personal or commercial use, 300 dpi, PNG files, and 12″x12″.

It’s a bit early, but we’re practically there…happy Monday!


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